Yacht Collection

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welcome and extra special

Deck Towels

Pamper your passengers

Whether soaking in the sun or diving in the cool ocean, voyagers will savor the luxurious feeling of our incredibly fluffy and absorbent towels. Simple-and-chic monochrome or embroidered with your logo and unique statements, all Sun of a Beach products are made in Greece, expertly combining comfort and design.


Cabin Towels and Bathrobes

Offer unparalleled hospitality

Make everyone feel welcome and extra special by equipping their cabins with premium customized amenities that reflect the quality and expertise of the Sun of a Beach brand. Our super-soft Egyptian cotton towels and bathrobes are great ways to impress your guests and take their onboard experience to the next level.


Complimentary Gifts

Ensure a memorable seafaring holiday

Create life-long memories by offering a Sun of a Beach parting or welcoming gift embroidered with your logo. A fun yet practical pouch or pochette filled with personal care products, a stylish beach bag, or a fluffy towel are only a few wonderful ideas that will keep travelers coming back for more.


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